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Cabrales Boatyard Drone Shot

Maximum protection from hurricanes in the Sea of Cortez

Cabrales Boatyard is uniquely located outside the hurricane belt near Colorado River Delta

Visit us and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore the northern Sea of Cortez!



Cabrales Boatyard features three MARINE TRAVELIFT hoists, our haul/splashing capabilities are provided by the 150-ton ship hoist. It comes complete with nylon slings on a five-acre site. These slip dimensions enable us to comfortably handle multihulls up to 27 feet wide or more.

We are equipped for, but not limited to:

Cabrales Boatyard at Night.jpg
  • 35-ton to 150-ton Marine Travelift boat hoist

  • 20-ton Marine Travelift self-propelled transport

  • Dr. Shrink Wrap products

  • 15-ton crane for mast step and unstepping

  • 20,000-pound forklift

  • 300-ton launch ramp

  • General engineering services

  • Paved 5-acre site for dry-docking RV motorhomes

  • Engine servicing and repairs

  • Fiberglass

  • Gel coat blister repairs

  • Woodwork

  • Sandblasting

  • Power washing

  • Primers and barrier coats 

  • Topside and bottom paint

  • Hand painting and spray painting

  • Varnishing

  • Welding: steel, aluminum, stainless steel

  • 24-hour security, showers, cruisers lounge


About Us

Astilleros Cabrales (Cabrales Boatyard) is a family-owned shipbuilding company in Northwestern Mexico with more than 70 years of experience in constructing, repairing, and modifying marine vessels.


Founded in 1946 by Salvador Cabrales Montijo, we initially focused on wooden boats before transitioning to steel construction in 1972. Our boatyard has built over 600 vessels for fishing and pleasure, serving clients worldwide, including Indonesia, the United States, Costa Rica, Suriname, and Panama, as well as major Mexican fishing ports.


With efficient infrastructure and facilities, including a ramp and a Travelift crane, Cabrales Boatyard can accommodate boats up to 300 tons. Our subsidiary, Pesquera Punta Peñasco, operates modern steel vessels ranging from 85 to 106 feet for shrimp fishing.

Dry-Docking in Rocky Point
Salvador Cabrales

Our location in Puerto Peñasco is one of a kind and offers our customers maximum safety and convenience. The Baja Peninsula provides protection from hurricanes, making this a secure and safe place to store your boat.


We are only an hour's drive south of the Arizona border, which makes it easy for you to access and store your boat for any short or long-term projects.


You can trust us to provide exceptional service and convenience, as we have many years of experience in the industry.


Salvador Cabrales III

Salvador Cabrales III is a third-generation boatyard owner and dual citizen, born in Phoenix, Arizona, and raised at Astilleros Cabrales in Puerto Peñasco. After earning a BA in liberal arts from Arizona State University, Salvador embarked on a career path deeply rooted in his family's maritime legacy.

Salvador significantly contributed to transforming his family’s boatyard from a commercial fishing-boat builder to a multipurpose DIY boatyard and storage facility, serving sailors and cruisers. His innovative approach and adaptability have been key to the business’s ongoing success. He also spearheaded the development of the region’s maritime tourism sector and emphasized the area’s safety from hurricanes in the Sea of Cortez.

Salvador holds certifications in Bareboat Cruising from the prestigious Modern Sailing School in San Francisco and a private pilot certificate.


In addition to his endeavors in the maritime industry, Salvador has partnered to operate a boat brokerage, providing expert guidance and support to customers seeking to buy or sell boats. His dedication to customer satisfaction and extensive industry knowledge make him a trusted advisor in the boating community.

Salvador continues to be deeply engaged in the boating community, serving as an active member of both the Mexican Marina Association and the local chamber of commerce. His influence extends beyond borders, as he is highly regarded in both Mexico and the U.S.

Getting to Astilleros Cabrales is a piece of cake! If you're driving from Arizona, it's just a short hour away. You can easily find us by following Routes 85 through Gila Bend, and once you reach Ajo, it's only a short 95 miles away. And if you're coming from the border at Lukeville, it's just 68 miles to Rocky Point.


We're always open during regular hours but are also happy to arrange appointments outside those times.


So why wait? Come and see us soon; we'd love to have you!

Hours of Operation

Fall to Springtime:

Monday through Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday 8am-12pm


Summertime Hours:

Monday through Friday 6am-2pm

Saturday 6am-10am


Astilleros Cabrales SA

Boatyard in Rocky Point

Recinto Portuario 91-A Zona Astillero

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico.

01152 (638)112-0204

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